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PRACTICE ARNE MATHIESEN SUCCESSFUL TOGETHER Arne Mathiesen has been running his family business in the Danish town of Odder for 30 years. In the small Danish town of Odder, near Aarhus in eastern Jutland, Arne Mathiesen, his wife Karen Margrethe, his children and up to 20 freelance staff run an impressive and highly successful contracting company called Maskinstation Odder. For more than 30 years, Arne Mathiesen has been serving his local customers from the company’s base in Odder. His customers ask for the typical agricultural services such as tillage, sowing, fertiliser spreading and spraying, transport work and slurry spreading, but also forage, grain and straw harvesting. Furthermore, Maskinstation offers a variety of non-agricultural services such as canal and earthworks, bulk goods transport, gardening and landscaping and municipal work such as snow clearing. 30

It is no surprise that such a wide range of services requires a large machine fleet. “Our fleet at Maskinstation consists of 36 tractors and combine harvesters, 15 excavators and wheel loaders, 15 tillage and sowing implements, eight tedders and rakes, six of which are from Krone, and seven silage trailers,” says Arne. STRAW IS AN IMPORTANT MAINSTAY Straw harvesting and trading is a particularly profitable line of business for Maskinstation. “Every year we export around 5,000–6,000 tonnes of square straw bales to Germany and the Netherlands,” explains Arne. “We use nine high-capacity balers for that, six of which are currently BiG Pack big balers from Krone.” During the season these machines are up and working almost around the clock and nearly beyond capacity, and so Arne is planning to buy new big balers soon to replace the three less productive units. “The new balers will definitely be also BiG Packs, because they are the most efficient machines,” emphasises the entrepreneur while a Krone BiG Pack with bale collector is baling behind him in the field. “There are never any hiccups and – most importantly for me – they bale the firmest bales.” ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL AND RELIABLE “The reason why we appreciate the BiG Pack so much is that it packs more material into a bale than any other machine we know,” he continues. “This allows us to haul more straw with every truck load, which significantly reduces transport costs.” Arne purchased his first Krone BiG Pack in 2015. His demands were high with respect to stability, reliability, ease of operation and bale density. And the BiG Pack ticked all the boxes. So, only four weeks into running the 1 machine, he thought of buying another BiG Pack. He quickly acted on the idea and added another Krone big baler to his fleet. “Today we have three BiG Pack HDP 1290 models, one BiG Pack HDP II 1290 (which is even more powerful), one BiG Pack 4x4 for the XXL bales and one BiG Pack HDP 870 for smaller square bales,” explains Arne. He ordered all BiG Packs complete with the new Krone BaleCollect bale accumulator. Hitched to the baler, this bale collector collects up to three bales on its platform: “By collecting the bales and placing them on the ground in groups, we drastically reduce field traffic and are much more efficient.” THE SERVICE, TOO, IS CONVINCING In addition to the Krone BiG Pack balers, Arne Mathiesen also operates six high-capacity tedders and rakes from Krone which equally deliver the quality of work and stability that Arne looks for. At the end of our interview, he explains to us that not only is he impressed by the quality of the Krone machines but also by another Krone detail: “If we do need technical support or spare parts for the machines, Krone is always immediately at hand. Either the Krone importer for Denmark, Brøns Maskinimport ApS, or our local Krone dealer is on standby for us. We have full confidence in them and their great service. They usually solve any issue within half a day at the latest. This saves me money and increases my profitability. Keep it up, Krone!” « 2 3 1 The machine fleet currently consists of six BiG Pack big balers which work almost 24/7 in the harvesting season 2 All of Arne’s BiG Packs have the BaleCollect running behind the baler. The bale accumulator is a significant output booster. 3 Straw baling is the biggest business of Arne Mathiesen's contracting company. 31