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XtraBlatt Special 25 Years BiG Pack

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PRACTICE DAMIEN POUEY A MAN WITH A PASSION FOR ST It’s the high-density bales at flexible lengths that Damien Pouey appreciates about his BiG Pack. Even as a young boy who grew up on a farm, Damien Pouey was enthusiastic about everything to do with farm machinery. This was certainly one of the reasons why he chose to be a contractor – and a successful one at that. In 2010, he founded his agricultural services company in Cabanac, near Tarbes, in the southwest of France, within sight of the Pyrenees. His machine fleet is very large, and so he can offer a very wide range of services that include combining, tillage, and forage and straw harvesting including baling. 24

RAW 1 The straw business in particular developed so well that Damien also went into straw trading in 2016 when he bought a company. Today, Damien and his employees bale approximately 1,500 bales of hay and 9,000 bales of straw per year – either round or square bales, depending on customer preferences. CUSTOMER WISHES COMPLIED WITH 2012 saw the purchase of a new big baler. “Before I made the decision, I talked to colleagues and received knowledgeable advice and support from my local Krone dealer,” recalls Damien Pouey. “This and the excellent reputation of the Krone brand ultimately convinced me to invest in a Krone BiG Pack.” He bought a BiG Pack 1270 HighSpeed, which produces 0.70m high bales in height and 1.20m in width and allows him to vary the length between 1.00m and 2.70m to suit customer preferences. “The decision in favour of this Krone big baler was particularly easy for me because this machine allows me to make particularly dense and firm straw bales that are exactly the size my farmer customers and most of my straw customers ask for,” adds Damien Pouey. “In addition, the BiG Pack is a surprisingly short and low-profile machine. This increases the overall stability and is a decisive advantage here on the hilly foothills of the Pyrenees. This compact design and the HighSpeed feature make for significantly higher work rates and acreages than competitor machines, which gives me a clear head start in terms of job planning and costing.” Damien Pouey also had his BiG Pack equipped with a roller chute that has an integrated weighing system. The system determines the exact bale weight and gives Monsieur Pouey the opportunity to customise his bales not only in size but also in weight. PERFORMANCE AND SERVICE ARE SPOT ON Another asset of this BiG Pack is low maintenance. “There is actually not much you have to do except for some regular checks and refills of the auto lubricator,” says Damien Pouey with a smile. What’s also key for him is that he can trust in the local Krone dealer and his well-trained staff: “I can rely on them to get quick and straightforward help and advice whenever I need it. I am completely satisfied with my BiG Pack. You can clearly see that Krone has decades of experience in developing big large balers. Buying this machine was the right thing to do and I would certainly buy it again.” Krone wishes the Damien Pouey companies continued success. « 1 Damien Pouey and his staff produce about 1,500 bales of hay and 9,000 bales of straw every year. 2 Operating the big baler is easy from the joystick and tractor terminal. 3 The integral weighing system in the roller chute determines the weight 2 3 of the individual bales that are customised to clients’ needs. 25