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XtraBlatt Special 25 Years BiG Pack

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COVER TOPIC BiG PACK THE SUCCESS RANGE Lining up as many as 16 BiG Pack model ranges, Krone offers the most versatile portfolio of big balers which meet the most diverse demands and control large market shares. The success of the BiG Pack rests on three pillars: the exciting specifications that make a real difference to the users, the choice of different bale sizes and the choice of HDP and HDP II. 20

BALE SIZES With the various BiG Pack series, we allow our customers to produce bales of 0.80 m or 1.20m in width and 0.70 m, 0.90 m or 1.30 m in height. In addition, they are free to vary the bale length flexibly and steplessly between 0.50 m and 3.20 m. Furthermore, some BiG Pack models are available with the MultiBale feature that ties several small 0.30 m–1.30 m wads into one big bale. THE HDP SYSTEM FOR HIGHER DENSITIES Viable straw trading is greatly based on controlling the costs of harvesting, haulage and storage. This is where the Krone HDP system comes in. Up to 25 % higher bale densities cut handling and haulage costs drastically and make professional straw trading a more intriguing option for farmers. THE HDP II SYSTEM INCREASES BALE DENSITY AND THROUGHPUT The Krone BiG Pack HDP II models were developed to scale new heights in efficient straw handling. The HDP II balers from Krone are the uncontested leaders in the high-throughput segment. The HDP II beats an HDP baler hands down when it comes to baling speed. An HDP II delivers up to 70 % higher throughputs while maintaining the same density. 21