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TITLE STORY Tree maintenance work is done with the rotating telescopic loader. The company operates a storage yard across the German border in Hauzenberg where they transfer the wood chips to semi-trailers for further transport to customers via the motorway. and a calorific value of approximately 2kWh/kg. The calorific value of dry woodchips with less than 15% water content is around 4.5kWh/kg. Further advantages are improved storability, a higher energy density and a lower transport weight. Apart from that, less ash is produced during combustion, emissions are reduced and the plant efficiency is higher. In addition to wood chips, the plant can also dry maize, grain and wood shavings. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Hackgut Möslinger has recently branched out into the disposal and recycling of waste wood. The key machine here is a BA 926 shredder from Jenz. It is mainly fed by the Sennebogen excavator with lift cab which we first spotted CHIPPER ON THE TRACTOR The lynchpins of his business are two tractor-trailer combinations – a Fendt 1050 Vario with a Jenz 593 Z and a 942 Vario with a Jenz 583 Z: “Although I have also had a truck-based chopper, the tractors give me greater flexibility, because they have better off-road capabilities. And with a top speed of 50km/h, they are not much slower.” The bigger machine handles log diameters of 56cm for softwood and 45cm for hardwood. There are differences in the intake width, which is 1,400 and 1,200mm respectively. The intake height is 680mm for both. The large chipper can process up to 270m³ of wood per hour, the small one 240m³. Both have a blower to discharge the chips; they are powered by the tractor’s pto. Epsilon Palfinger cranes are mounted on each of the chippers, and the tractors are reverse drive tractors. “Although we have hook-lift trailers and containers, we very often transport the wood chips with a tractor plus trailer”, explains Philipp. The same advantages apply in terms of off-road mobility and transport speed as with the chippers. The Tridem trailer is a TX 560 from Krone. I was particularly impressed by the low kerb weight which of course increases the payload significantly. With a permissible total weight of 34 tonnes and a volume of 56 cubic metres, we are still operating within the legal limit, even with wet chops. The Tridem trailer is really impressive when unloading. The body is conical so the cargo can slide better. And the chainand-slat floor is enormously fast – the TX 560 empties its contents in under a minute,” says Philipp. The trailer is Philipp Möslinger, founder of Hackgut Möslinger in Gaspoltshofen, Upper Austria. usually pulled by a Fendt 724 Vario, but this is reaching its limits in terms of power. When we visited the company, the 942 was therefore pulling the machine, because the small chipper was currently not in use. Hackgut Möslinger’s vehicles are not only to be found in Upper Austria, but also frequently in the Passau region of Germany and towards the Czech border. Their radius of operation is around 100 kilometres. When chipping takes place that far from home, the Krone TX wagon often comes along for the ride. The company operates a storage yard across the German border in Hauzenberg for loading the material into the semi-trailers here and continuing the haul on the Germany motorway. SHARP KNIVES Philipp Möslinger chops a lot of wood for farmers to use for their own heating needs. However, he also buys in wood chips and trades them on, generally to larger customers with combined heat and power plants. The chipping work is paid per drum hour, and wood chips are usually invoiced in “atro tonnes”, where atro stands for “absolut trocken” (absolutely dry). The weight of the wood chips is converted to a theoretical water content of 0%. Common wood chip qualities are G30, G50 and G80. They stand for the size as well as the distribution by size in the individual fractions which are obtained by sieving the material through mobile screens. “High quality is very important for our customers,” stresses Philipp Möslinger. “On the one hand, we ensure this by using good raw material, mostly pure trunk wood without branches and needles. On the other hand, we take great care to ensure that the knives are always sharp. If they catch on a foreign object, we always have spare knives so that we can change them. Grinding is done either on a machine in the company workshop or with a cordless grinder on the machine itself.” Philipp Möslinger has his own use for the best wood chips – fine, dry and dust-free: he operates four wood gasification plants from the firm Fröhling. The combined heat and power units produce a total of 220kW of electricity, which is fed into the grid. What matters more for him, however, is the thermal output of 460kW, which he uses on the belt drying plant for wood chips. Drying is necessary because wood fresh from the forest has a water content of 40% to 60% on our arrival. The shredder recycles pallets, roof trusses, windows, doors and demolition wood. The material is mostly collected by the company’s own container trucks, but sometimes it is delivered. Shredding is done in two passes, the first for coarse shredding and the second for finer shredding. Both times, a magnetic belt runs along the outlet to separate out metal. The subsequent energy recovery of the material takes place in combined heat and power plants that are correctly licensed for waste wood. “We are paid a small amount for the removal of the waste wood as a secondary raw material,” says Philipp Möslinger. “However, it involves a lot of work and the margins are rather narrow. But recycling is a valuable contribution to environmental protection.” Philipp Möslinger is constantly coming up with new ideas for expanding the range of services offered. The handling excavator can be used for tree care in combination with a woodcracker pincer. With its reach of 12 metres, it is ideal for working on trees located close to roads. A Merlo Roto telescopic handler can reach even higher, namely 30 metres. It too has a woodcracker unit, but with a chainsaw. “It’s quite simply a question of weight,” says Philipp. With the pincer, everything has to be much more massive and the hydraulic cylinders also add weight. Above 30 metres, you have to be careful with every additional kilo.” The latest newcomer to the machine park is a mobile crushing plant for concrete, tarmac, bricks, natural stone, rootstocks and much more besides. Hackgut Möslinger is thus once again taking a new direction, opening up completely new areas of business. « 8 9