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XtraBlatt Issue 02-2021

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KNOWLEDGE digital “” data portal which provides all agricultural Krone customers with access to all digital services offered by the group. “The SmartConnect telemetric boxes have been a standard feature on the BiG X and BiG M lines and an option on specific machines for a number of years now, such as the BiG Pack square baler of the fourth generation as well as Comprima Plus and VariPack Plus. These telemetric features are however also very useful for all our products, especially for our trailed machines like mowers, rakes and tedders. So we took the solar boxes from the blue world and adapted them for our green world,” Stefan continues. “We officially introduced the product in this financial year 2021.” Stefan Niehof is one of the product managers for the digital “” data portal. SMARTCONNECT SOLAR BOX TO GO With the telemetric “SmartConnect” module having been a feature on the BiG lines for quite some time, Krone now offers the universal “Smart- Connect Solar” module – a transferable option for trailed machines that is powered by a solar cell What do a 40ft container and an agricultural rake have in common? Not much it seems at first glance, but quite a lot at second glance. The common ground is – typically in modern times – digitalisation and the interconnection of machines so these can communicate their data for evaluation and further use. These machines are mostly self-propelleds – tractors, forage harvesters or trucks – all of which have their own on-board power sources to power their telemetric units. Yet, containers or swap frame beds have no on-board power sources. And yet, fleet operators want to locate and identify them at any stage in the logistics chain. “Therefore, the blue Krone division, Commercial Vehicles, developed telemetric boxes that are powered by solar panels. Introduced in 2016, these boxes operate autonomously, are maintenance-free and so small in size that they are easily mounted to containers and swap bodies or beds,” explains Stefan Niehof. “Today, there are tens of thousands in service in the world of logistics.” Stefan is one of the product managers of the REAL-TIME DATA But what exactly is the benefit of such a solar panel which has been given the meaningful name “SmartConnect Solar”? “Naturally, the data that are generated by a rake are The telemetric “SmartConnect Solar” box enables fleet operators to connect trailed machines to telemetric services – directly and without requiring a tractor or other self-propelled. far less complex than those generated by a forager,” explains Stefan. “The solar boxes feature GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile phone, data logger and a web interface so they can transfer data in real time to the smartphone, tablet or pc, enabling machine owners or fleet operators to retrieve position and job data from And this is certainly also very useful for the less complex machines – mowers, rakes, tedders – especially when these are contract or leased machines,” continues Stefan. “For example, these data help contractors count the number of operating hours for billing purposes.” VERSATILE AND UNIVERSAL Another benefit of SmartConnect Solar is that fleet owners can register all their fleet machines – including those of other makers – to and then collect and transfer information from and to all machines running in the harvest chain. After all, farmers and contractors usually run mixed rather than mono-brand fleets. Stefan points out another highlight of the new development: The solar box is transferrable to other machines. It just has to be assigned a different name in mykrone. green. “This makes SmartConnect Solar a true “box to go” and an intriguing option for a consistent data management.” « 54 55