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XtraBlatt Issue 02-2021

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EDITORIAL DEAR READERS The winter months are the peak season at the Krone factory. Struggling with bottle - necks in some supply chains, the entire team of the agricultural machinery factory is working hard to complete all orders on time. Thumbing through this issue, you will come across images and topics that may make you wonder: Why have we chosen timber as the cover story for XtraBlatt? And why has the GX, our new general-purpose wagon, been given such prominence? Is Krone intending to get back into the production of agricultural trailers? Or even to start building woodchippers? Well, that’s one thing we are definitely not planning to do. There are, however, two things that are more important than ever for the farming community, namely improving the efficiency of machines and finding ways to earn a good income in and from agriculture. That’s why it makes absolute sense for us as one of the leading international specialists in harvesting equipment and commercial vehicles to also develop transport solutions for farmers. The latest example is the GX, which we are convinced will open up a wide range of opportunities for our customers. And timber is a product that continues to be an important source of income for many farms. Adapting to changing market conditions has always been our guiding principle, but given the current business environment, this is harder than ever. Our industry has not experienced such a turbulent period for many decades. Of course, major challenges and structural disruptions have repeatedly been on the agenda - be it bottlenecks in the supply of components, sharp drops in producer prices or radical changes in agricultural policy. But for all of this to come at once and accompanied by drastic price increases, detrimental supply shortages in all sectors, climate change AND a societal transformation that seems to fundamentally question agriculture in its current form – that’s what I call extreme. There will be no easy solutions, and I suspect that the current difficulties will not be resolved any time soon. It is therefore all the more important that politicians are fully aware of what is at stake in their policy discussions and decision making. German farmers are not only among the most productive and most sustainable food producers in the world; they need enormous financial and political support in the transformation that they are expected to make – and considerably more than what has been tabled so far. You can rest assured that we at Krone will be lobbying hard with all the means at our disposal. Meanwhile, I hope that you can nevertheless enjoy the holidays ahead with confidence. Agriculture has a future – of that, I am firmly convinced! Best wishes Bernard Krone 3