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XtraBlatt Issue 02-2020

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TITLE THEME BIOHOF KINKELBUR ICE AND EGGS SELL WELL Milk, ices, eggs, potatoes – and beef too. These are the main products sold in the Kinkelbur family’s farm shop. The Kinkelburs have been dedicated to organic production for almost 40 years now, and have a farm business to be proud of. A crowing cockerel on a dung heap surrounded by deep, muddy puddles? Perhaps partly due to old-fashioned images in children’s books this, or something like it, is what springs to mind for many as the typical organic farmyard. But does “bio” farming really have to look like this? Not at all! Quite the opposite, in fact, is to be seen on the Kinkelbur family’s Bioland farm at Minden-Haddenhausen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. A large herd of black and white dairy cows loose housed in a cubicle barn, and 350 laying hens in mobile accommodation (the “henmobile”) are all kept in a neat and tidy farm business that’s grown steadily over the years. It’s beautiful there. In fact, very beautiful! Nestling idyllically under the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial at Porta Westfalica near Schloss Haddenhausen, the Kinkelbur farm attracts crowds of customers to its seven-days-a-week farm shop. On our visit, we joined a busy throng in the yard. Farm workers, potato buyers, shoppers with questions to ask, a vet and someone delivering animal feed. All vied for attention – and always in the centre of the turmoil, farmer Friedrich Kinkelbur, energetically helping and organising. The 51-year-old is organic farmer through and through. He’s convinced that the bio way is the right way. His father changed to organic management as early as 1981, so that much of the land has been organically farmed for almost 40 years now, with not a single drop of plant protection spray or spot of mineral N fertiliser applied in that time. The farm has grown steadily. Fields are continually added, there’s been renovation and rebuilding. A neighbouring farm has been rented and this is where the herd followers are kept. “When a farm expands, new colleagues are needed that can think for themselves, work well and be self-reliant, ever ready to inject their ideas into the business. And this is the kind of staff we have”, emphasises the farmer. FARM-MADE ICE CREAMS The farm shop has been open since spring 2020. Available there are home-grown potatoes as well as eggs, milk and beef. Friedrich Kinkelbur explains that regionality is a major aim with the food he sells. “Our cattle are slaughtered nearby by a family firm.” There, the carcasses are jointed by skilled butchers. The proportion of saleable cuts per carcass is high. Each customer can order a box. And the box is delivered with everything that’s available: filet and roastbeef, roasting cuts, ready-cut beef casserole slices, soup meat, ossobuco, bones, goulash and mince. The Kinkelbur organic farm started direct marketing in spring 2020 with the establishment of its first “henmobile”. 10