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XtraBlatt issue 02-2016

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MENSCHEN INSIGHT Financing PREPARING THE W Krone offers not only innovative machinery products, but also supports customers through financing. Krone Finance therefore often prepares the way for a sale. To explain the “how & what” in this context, XtraBlatt speaks with Michael Hüsing, manager of Krone Finance (Agrar). 36

AY Considering the term Krone Finance could lead to some asking if the farm machinery producer from Spelle in Emsland also owns a bank. This is a question that brings a smile to the lips of Michael Hüsing, manager of the company’s own financing department. “We certainly make a lot of things ourselves. But a banking licence we do not have. Seriously, though, the philosophy with Krone is to excel as machinery specialist in the market and concentrate on own strengths. These definitely lie in the development and production of innovative and high quality agricultural machinery. In order to be able to guarantee the same standards with financing, we utilise the support of recognised specialists among capital goods financers.” SPECIALISTS IN DEMAND Behind Krone Finance, which offers a manufacturer’s financing service in Germany, currently lie the Gefa Society and De Lage Landen Leasing. Their specialist advisers, office-based and out in the field, support Krone dealerships and undertake investigations as well as formal processing of individual financing agreements. “Our Krone finance team here in Spelle forms thereby an important interface between customer and financer in order to find the best possible solution for the individual situation,” explains Michael Hüsing. What then, are the requirements asked most often nowadays? “Questioned about more than ever before are interest and capital repayment intervals. For example, the possibility of seasonal rates or repayment-free months in order to best suit the real liquidity situations of customers. In other words, underlining the need to be very flexible. We meet these requirements as far as possible because in such flexibility we in Krone see a competitive advantage and an important lever for marketing success.” The proportion of end customer financing meantime in Germany, as demonstrated here with Krone Finance, he puts at around 50%. But this is a proportion 37