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XtraBlatt issue 01-2017

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MENSCHEN PRAXIS PARTNER RUBRIK Landtechnik Villach VALUE-ADDED SERVICE Satisfied expressions after a successful OptiDay event (r. to l.): Adolf Oberzaucher (owner of Landtechnik Villach), Heinz-Günter Gerighausen (teacher, Kleve Technical College and forage/ feeding expert) and Markus Steinwender (Marketing, Krone Austria). Good machinery and great products plus excellent service competence are fundamental to the success of agricultural machinery dealerships. But for Landtechnik Villach in Austrian Kärnten, service and customer benefits are substantially over the norm. Premieres have something exiting about them – so describes Adolf Oberzaucher, owner and managing director of Landtechnik Villach GmbH, his feelings at the start of the so-called “OptiDay” he organised in spring with his staff and the support of the Austrian Krone team. Customer events have always been a feature with this dealership, at the headquarters in Villach or the branch facilities 45 km northwest in Lieserbrücke, with regular firm events or “open door days”. An outstanding example of such events was certainly the 2016 30-year jubilee of the company with features including a climax with 70 machines in action. “The jubilee was our largest event so far,” recalls Adolf Oberzaucher. “The OptiDay was smaller, but still had absolute premiere character for us because such an information event on all aspects of optimal forage harvesting had not been staged by us and, as far as I know, been seen before by farmers in the Kärnten area.” Especially interesting was how farmers and contractors would react to the invitation. Firstly, because the decision to hold the event fell just a few weeks before the proposed date and, secondly, the day itself saw numerous farmers very busy with fieldwork because of the good weather. Considering these factors, the dealership boss reckons resonance was very satisfactory. “A good 130 customers were our guests on that evening. Reactions to the presentations and subsequent lively discussions showed us that we had hit the target spot-on with the theme.” Without doubt, special credit for this must go the main speaker of the evening, sums up Adolf Oberzaucher. “Heinz-Günter Gerighausen, teacher at Kleve Technical College is among the most experienced experts in Germany on forage harvesting, farmerservice and agricultural processing machinery. His knowledge, matched with great practical application and an approachable-informal style of presentation, inspired our guests.” EXPLAINING BENEFITS Adolf Oberzaucher is therefore sure that next year the same type of event should be held, maybe next time with another theme such as dung spreading. “Our main business is, and will remain, agricultural machinery and the supporting competent service. For this, we exclusively offer strong brands with high-value products with which we have been market leaders in our area for many years. Still, as specialist dealership, I see our role in being able to offer more customer benefits over and above machinery supply, for instance through information events with expert speakers. In this way, we can help our clients in problem-solving for their daily work. We offer, quasi, a multi-value service.” Regarding the theme livestock feed, he recognises important points as increasing forage quality and reducing harvesting costs. A continuing and very definite trend in Austria is changeover by many farmers from conventional milk production to either hay-based feeding or organic management for their dairy herds. While both generally result in reduction of milking performance, they also offer farmers much higher milk prices. And in the higher regions a change from milk production to suckler cow farming can be seen. “In total, the number of our cus- 46 47