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KRONE Insider Winter 2019


SERVICING SIMPLICITY: YOU’LL LOVE OWNING A KRONE ® ! Krone is well-known for superior product quality and reliability, but there’s another critical area that sets Krone apart from the competition. Learn how our exclusive German engineering makes it easy to service your equipment. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT BiG X ® Forage Harvesters (80 Series) • Cablift: Makes it simple to access service points • More room provides easy entry to the KP • Switching KP is much faster and simpler • Hydraulics are grouped together for more efficient servicing • Extended oil change intervals • Auto-lube BiG Pack Balers • Hydraulics are simple and self-contained • Open top on the VFS makes for faster, easier maintenance • Easy access to the lower needles for re-threading twine • Auto-lube BiG M 450 • QuickChange blades • PTO shaft to the wings only requires greasing • Extended oil change interval on engine • Auto-lube Round Balers • Easy-to-fill oil cannister for lubricating chains • Grease points in banks for more efficient greasing • Dependable, low-maintenance NovoGrip comes with a 3-year prorated warranty Disc Mowers and Triple Mowers Krone-engineered one-piece cutterbar requires minimal service: • One oil change per year • Fast, easy access to grease points • QuickChange blades • SafeCut hubs: Upon hitting an obstacle, simply shear a pin and the hub will spin up and out of the way, preventing damage to other hubs. Change shear pins and off you go Rotary Rakes • Enclosed gearboxes: Permanently lubricated; no time‐consuming lubrication required • Tine arm bearings: Permanently lubricated; no time‐consuming lubrication required • Maintenance-free tine arm housing bearings require no greasing • Fast and easy tine arm removal/attachment: Just two bolts free up entire tine arm • Easy and precise working height adjustments Tedders • Maintenance-free, liquid lubricated gearboxes • Maintenance-free, OctoLink drive system • Minimal grease points • Extensive use of sealed bearings Building His Custom Harvesting Dream From The Ground Up Aaron Schipper runs Schipper Custom Operations LLC, a custom hay and forage, and corn harvesting operation in northeast Wisconsin. He also raises beef cattle as part of his operation. The Schipper harvesting team includes his wife and two full-time employees, as well as several part-time workers during peak seasons. Aaron began his custom operation in 2004, when he bought his first chopper. Says Aaron, “I really like working with the farmer customers, and building those relationships. And, I like the variety of things you do in an operation like this.” Now 15 years later, Aaron’s operation includes two Krone® BiG X®Forage Harvesters. He says he ran another brand of chopper for several years, then in 2011 he put a Krone EasyCollect head on his competitive chopper. “I really liked that corn head, it performed so much better than the other heads … that head is still the number one head,” he adds. Aaron says he then became acquainted with the Krone personnel at the Kaukauna Krone dealership. “The Krone folks took the time to educate me on the Krone chopper, I really appreciated that.” Aaron attended a Krone open house in 2013, and won the door prize, which gained him 25 free hours demoing a Krone chopper. “After that experience I was sold on the Krone.” How does Aaron feel about his Krone BiG X Forage Harvesters? “I cannot believe how reliable they are, virtually zero percent downtime. As a custom operator, when we have to go, we have to go. These choppers are so well-built, heavier built. They just keep going and going …” I cannot believe how reliable [Krone choppers] are, virtually zero percent downtime. Aaron Schipper, Schipper Custom Operations LLC, Belgium, Wisconsin 6 7