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BiG Times Issue 6

Product FOCUS The 51

Product FOCUS The 51 knives are housed in a removable cassette, making light work of any maintenance. Short chopped straw is becoming popular for bedding and adding to feed rations. With all 51 knives engaged bales can be produced containing straw with a nominal chop length of 22mm VARICUT - FLEXIBLE CROP CUTTING FOR BIG PACK BALERS In response to an ever increasing demand for large square bales containing shorter chopped straw, KRONE have introduced the VariCut cutting system for its BiG Pack large square balers. Initially developed for the BiG Pack 1270 and BiG Pack 1290 HDP the VariCut (VC) features 51 knives mounted in a cassette which can be removed in a matter of moments for easy cleaning and maintenance.. 6

BIG X 700/770 As standard the knives can be used in combinations of 51/26/25/12/5 or 0 with 51 knives producing a nominal chop length of 22mm, these knife combinations can be easily engaged by the turning of a cam shaft. Should the user require a non-standard combination then this scan be customised by rearranging the cams on the shaft. Feeding the crop through the knives is a rotor cutter, which now features a fourth row of tines to maintain a smooth flow of crop into the VFS pre-chamber and achieve higher throughputs. An integral air cleaning system helps minimise the build-up of material around the knives, including the protection springs. The ability of the blade cassette and floor to lower means that any blockages can be removed quickly with minimum effort. The use of short straw has gained popularity in a number of applications ranging from bedding in poultry houses, cow cubicles and pig pens, to adding structure to feed rations to increase ruminant activity and increase digestion. The VC cutting system produces short chopped straw in the field which is easy to handle and use, either spreading or incorporating into feed, and negates the need for an additional chopping process which can be costly and time consuming. 2017 sees the BiG X 700/770 models now powered by Liebherr V8 engines. Built using hard-wearing components, the Liebherr V8 engine has twice as long service interval as its predecessor with engine oil and filters only being changed after 1,000 working hours. It features high torque even at low engine speeds with plenty left in reserve for operating in variable crop conditions. PowerSplit and ConstantPower features on the BiG X remain, with PowerSplit automatically adapting engine output to harvest conditions. ConstantPower senses the current load and controls ground speed ensuring the engine always operates within optimum torque and output ranges. 7