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PRACTICE GRAHAM GUY ALL-ROUND AGR ENTREPRENEUR Graham Guy has run an agricultural contacting company in Gisburn since 2004. Meet Graham Guy: Successful farmer, respected agricultural machinery dealer and popular contractor. In Lancashire in northern England, some 50 km north of Manchester, lies the peaceful market town of Colne. This is home to Graham Guy who rears cattle, sheep and pigs on his thriving family farm. But that's not enough for him. He is also owner and director of agricultural machinery dealer Guy Machinery Ltd in the neighbouring town of Gisburn. Together with 14 employees, he supplies a range of Krone machinery as well as various other brands of agricultural equipment. Founded in 2005, the company has built up a solid customer base. Farmers from near and far benefit not only from the highly knowledgeable sales force, they also appreciate the outstanding after-sales service available through the workshop and parts warehouse. BALERS ARE THE CORE BUSINESS But that’s still not enough for the indefatigable Graham Guy. In 2004 he set up an agricultural contracting company under the name C & G A Guy Contractors Ltd as the third string to his bow. He offers a variety of agricultural services centred on forage harvesting. His contracting fleet includes a wide range of Krone machines comprising several BiG X forage harvesters, Swadro rotary rakes, KWT rotary tedders and EasyCut disc mowers. The farmland around Colne is characterised by a green mosaic of small and large grassland fields. There are virtually no cereal crops. 16

ICULTURAL So it's not surprising that there is very strong demand for forage harvesting services on the contracting side of Guy's operations. “Grass baling is our core business. A great many of our customers want their grass in square bales so they can easily transport it around their farms and feed it to their animals as hay, haylage or silage. We make between 20,000 and 25,000 square bales a year”, Graham Guy tells us. Contractor Guy has been using the Big Pack 890 Krone big baler for over ten years to provide his customers with the easy-to-handle square bales they need. It produces bales 0.90m high and 0.80m wide in a choice of lengths ranging from 1.00m to 2.70m. This is also the bale size that most customers require, regardless of the size of crop, size of barn, storage method or feeding system. QUALITY COUNTS “My BiG Pack 890 produces particularly dense bales with a high forage quality. My customers like this, because better forage increases the performance of their livestock. The BiG Pack also makes me more productive because I can work at high rates. And I like this, because I like to save costs", adds Graham Guy with a grin. The speed and power of the BiG Pack 890 big baler is mainly due to the HighSpeed components and the VS variable filling system. HighSpeed delivers a larger pre-chamber and higher stroke frequency. The variable fill The farming landscape of this part of northern England is characterised by fields and pastures that are often hilly and sometimes very steep. system with pre-compression produces the same rock-solid bales under all conditions and in all harvest crops. “This is particularly important in our region, and my customers know that with a Krone big baler, C & G A Guy Contractors Ltd routinely supplies them with the best possible bales, no matter what the external circumstances. And with the best bales you get the best forage quality and milk or meat yields”, Graham Guy goes on to explain. SUPERIOR PER­ FORMANCE WHAT­ EVER THE TERRAIN The Pennine uplands of northern England where Graham Guy’s customers farm is an archetypal English rural landscape. It is characterised by hilly, tiered and sometimes steep fields and pastures of all sizes, from large to very small. Almost all the fields are enclosed by the grey dry stone walls so typical of this region. Narrow farm tracks and tight field entrances complete the picture. As Graham Guy explains: “My colleagues and I are delighted that the BiG Pack 890 with its low centre of gravity and compact size is safe and stress-free to drive and manoeuvre even under these conditions. The BiG Pack 890 is a compact machine that offers good visibility, so driving hard up to stone walls for mile after mile rarely leaves a single scratch on the machine”. “When my drivers return the BiG Packs to our yard in the evenings after a long working day, I know that they are not totally stressed. Instead, they can notch up another successful working day for themselves, for our contracting company and for our customers. I hope you found it so too”, says Graham Guy as he departs with a handshake and a mischievous smile. « 17