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BiG Times Special Round Balers Edition

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The All Round Baler The Comprima range of round balers offers a model for everyone. All Comprima’s feature the NovoGrip baling system and W pattern EasyFlow pickup. KRONE offers the choice of fixed or variable chambers with or without wrappers. The Comprima with variable bale chamber The Comprima with fixed bale chamber Comprima F 125 & F125 XC Produce fixed 1.25 m diameter bales. Exceptionally light pulling Round Baler V 150 (XC) V 180 (XC) and V 210 XC The combination baler wrapper CV 150 XC Infinitely variable diameters from 1.00 m to 2.05 m Adjustable core density The Comprima with semi-variable bale chamber Round Baler F 155 XC The combination baler wrapper CF 155 XC 6 bale diameters from 1.25 m to 1.50 m NovoGrip belt and slat elevator Provides a positive bale rotation in all crops forming well shaped bales. Tandem axle Providing ultimate operator comfort and reduces soil compaction. EasyFlow pick-up with W tine arrangement Cleanly picks the crop off the ground and uniformly feeds into the baler. 4

THE KRONE XCUT CUTTING SYSTEM WHAT IS IT? Individually spring loaded blades that can break back when hitting an object. The blades have long curved cutting edges, the wavy edges cut all types of crops perfectly and stay sharp for longer. XC cutting systems are available with 17 or 26 knives. Chopped bales can give a better feeding efficiency with less spoilage. Plus 10% or more extra bale weight can be achieved. THE RUBBER MAT AND BALE TURNER WHAT IS IT? The rubber mat is standard specification and protects the film from damage as the bale is placed on the ground. The optional bale turner turns the bale gently on its face. Providing increased protection to the bale and preventing it from rolling on hilly ground. If not required, it is simply folded up against the wrapping table. No need to remove it. The Comprima is available in standard and baler wrapper combinations. 5