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BiG Times Issue 5

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The KRONE UK magazine Issue 5 including tips, product news, company updates, customer testimonials and more.

Product FOCUS An EasyCut

Product FOCUS An EasyCut F 320 CV front mower with EasyCut B 1000CV Collect mowers making light work of a field with their 10.1m cutting width The industry leader in hay and forage equipment 6 ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES Krone has a long established pedigree in the design and manufacture of mowers and mower beds. Briefly, it started in the early 1980’s when drum mower production was ceased and was succeeded by the manufacture of the AM disc mower range. This change was driven by a demand for higher capacity mowing. The mower and the bed were designed by the Krone engineer Wilhelm Ahler, which is a design that has stood the test of time playing a key role in the success of Krone mowers. Although the design has been refined over the last 30 years there have been no radical changes, compare a mower from now and then and you can recognise a lot of the same features. Such as a fully welded mower bed for extra strength and durability and the use of planetary main drive and satellite disc drive gears, now called SmartCut. Designed to run at a slower rpm, this drive system significantly reduced wear and power consumption, whilst the forward mounting of the cutting disc provided a smoother, gentler action with a flatter blade projection, producing even stubble heights. The AM disc mower with a fully welded bed and powered from below by a satellite gear system Today these initial features can be found across the full range of Krone mowers from the rear mounted ActiveMow, front, rear, trailed and butterfly EasyCut and the awesome self propelled BiG M. They have also been joined by other features such SafeCut, the disc and mower bed protection system which protects the mower from overload by absorbing the impact and raising the affected disc safely out of the way from the still powered neighbouring discs. Plus the hooked profiled steel conditioner tine, designed to produce a quick effective wilt, helping to ensure that the grass sugars are preserved producing good quality silage. With production costs increasingly scrutinised and a need to be more efficient to cope with reduced margins, the production of quality forage is becoming more and more important. Mowing plays a key role, get it right and you’re well on the way, get it wrong and you may be left with the need for expensive feed supplements. Before the mower leaves the farm yard it is important that the mower is ready for work by carrying out a few simple checks and adjustments. Also factors such as pasture management and timing must be taken into consideration. Is the field ready for mowing? If the field is full of stones and mole hills then the mower blades can be damaged resulting in a poor cut quality and soil can be incorporated into the swath contaminating the forage. And is the grass ready for cutting? As with most operations… timing is everything, growth stage, time of day and weather conditions will affect the quality of forage produced. Krone mowers are designed to help you make the best possible forage, which is a fact Krone are very proud of. All Krone mowers are designed and produced exclusively in house to Krone’s exacting standards with the mower bed receiving extra attention.

MOWER CHECKLIST Looking after your mower can make all the difference, to get the best out of yours, take a look at our maintenance tips below and get your season off to a good start. 7